UPI: President Obama to discuss climate change in Florida Everglades on Earth Day

(Source: UPI)

United Press International reports that “President Barack Obama will make an Earth Day visit to the Florida Everglades on Wednesday, April 22, to issue warnings about the dangers global warming pose to the planet and highlight his climate change plans … Click here to read more

PBPost: Martin’s Economic Council has got some explaining to do on sugar land deal

Charles "Chuck" Gerardi, Chief Executive Officer and President, Economic Council of Martin County (Source: Economic Council of Martin County)

From award-winning blogger, Sally Swartz of The Palm Beach Post: “The emails are puzzling. They are misleading. They are sneaky… The Economic Council’s secretary said CEO Chuck Gerardi is the only one authorized to talk about it. After three phone calls and three messages left, his secretary said he just ‘doesn’t have time’ to explain.” [The blog entry has now been updated.] … Click here to read more

Tiger’s Jupiter Island golf paradise is #4 on ‘The 30 Most Expensive Homes in Sports’

(Source: The Business Insider)

From The Business Insider: “The house itself, while impressive with its huge oceanview windows and large wine cellar, has a whole lot more for Woods to enjoy: It also comes equipped with many property-side luxuries, like a running track and a 3.5-acre backyard golf course … Click here to read more

Stuart is #3 on Smithsonian’s ’20 Best Small Towns to Visit 2015′

The Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center houses a pool of fish and other marine life. And this July, Florida’s “Treasure Coast” commemorates the event that gave the region its name—the 1715 hurricane that struck Florida’s east coast, sinking 11 Spanish galleons laden with New World silver and gold. (Source: The Smithsonian)

From The Smithsonian: “For the fourth annual version of our list, we once again worked with the geographical information company ESRI to sort the nation’s small towns (those with a population under 20,000) according to their number of cultural attractions, historical sites, nature opportunities and food-and-drink destinations … Click here to read more

‘Will lawmakers cut the strings of their Big Sugar puppet masters to do what the people want?’

State Senator Joe  Negron (R-Stuart) [Source: Palm Beach Post]

From Sally Swartz, award-winning Palm Beach Post blogger: “So it’s clear that Floridians want the state to buy land south of the lake. Unfortunately,that’s not what the sugar industry wants. State Senator Joe Negron (R-Stuart), who has taken large amounts of campaign money from the sugar industry, offered his Treasure Coast … Click here to read more

Rebecca Negron enters GOP race for Patrick Murphy congressional seat

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The Palm Beach Post reports that “Republican Rebecca Negron, a Martin County school board member and the wife of powerful state Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, announced Tuesday she’s running for the Palm Beach-Treasure Coast congressional seat that Democratic Rep.Patrick Murphy is giving up to run for Senate … Click here to read more

Cat-eating Nile monitor lizards causing havoc, invasion centered in Palm Beach County

Adult lizards can grow up to five feet long, weighing in around 15 pounds. (Source: Tech Times)

From Tech Times: “Nile monitor lizards are running rampant in Florida, hunting and eating house cats. The center of the lizard invasion is Palm Beach County, where the creatures often congregate in and near canals and other bodies of water. Adult lizards can grow up to five feet long, weighing in around 15 pounds. They mate in early spring. … Click here to read more

MCSO sting: Clerks at 5 stores accused of selling alcohol to minors

(Source: WPBF)

From WPBF: “Martin County authorities said an undercover sting operation caught several convenience stores selling alcohol to minors. Clerks at STP Discount Beverage, Texaco on Mapp Road, A-1 Discount Beverage, Rightway and Ocean Food Mart … Click here to read more

Burt Reynolds: ‘I’ve got another Bandit in me!’

(Source: Jose Lambiet's Gossip Extra)

“Five months after financially troubled Burt Reynolds sold at auction a supposedly unique 1977 Trans Am ($450K) used in his ‘Smokey and The Bandit,’ the Hobe Sound movie star is putting another one up on the block,” according to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra. “The car will be auctioned Friday, April 24 … Click here to read more

‘Salerno Strangler’ sentenced to 3 life terms

(Source: MCSO)

37-year-old Eugene McWatters, the man convicted of the 2004 sexual assault and murders of three women in Martin County pleaded no contest to three counts of 1st degree murder … Click here to read more

Sailfish Point mansion to sell to highest bidder at April 25 auction

One of Martin County’s most expensive mansions could soon sell at auction for just a fraction of its worth. (Source: WPTV)

From WPTV: “The home, located at 2976 SE Dune Drive, boasts 10 bedrooms, at least ten hand painted ceilings, marble floors, an elaborate garden with 100 Koi, a movie theatre, state of the art kitchen, beautiful chandeliers and gold plated fixtures … Click here to read more