WPTV placed its reputation above children’s safety in Rob Lopicola scandal

Former WPTV weatherman Rob Lopicola (Source: Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra)

While WPTV Channel 5  talks a good game when it comes to the public’s safety, the shameful Rob Lopicola episode that ended Friday with his sentencing to 56 months in prison on charges related to his having sex with underage boys exposed WPTV’s extreme hypocrisy, according to Jose Lambiet’s opinion in Gossip Extra.

Had WPTV been forthcoming about Lopicola’s strange hobbies in 2006, the two teenage boys who testified that Lopicola performed sexual acts on them when they were 15 and 17 would not be called “victims” by the justice system today, writes Lambiet.

For the complete story: http://gossipextra.com/2013/12/23/wptv-reputation-rob-lopicola-scandal-3247/

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