WPTV: Jupiter Island’s turtle nesting numbers outpace rest of Treasure Coast combined

Jupiter Island, which is just a six-and-a-half mile stretch of beach, has  seen more turtle nests this season than all of the Treasure Coast combined.  An uptick of sea turtle nests on Jupiter Island has biologist Pete Quincy  reflecting.

“This year has been remarkable. We are up to 6,677 total nests,” said  Quincy.

He says more than 6,000 are loggerheads, which can grow to three feet long  and 350 pounds. This year’s nest number has already outpaced last year’s total by more than 1,000. “That’s the most we’ve ever had here on the town’s  beaches,” said Quincy.

For the entire WPTV report from Jupiter Island: http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/region_n_palm_beach_county/jupiter/jupiter-islands-turtle-nesting-numbers-outpace-rest-of-treasure-coast-combined#ixzz21sijkfX8

Turn up your sound and enjoy the video below as this baby sea turtle hatches and departs from Jupiter Island Beach to begin an epic adventure:

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