Woman arrested for nearly running over MCSO crossing guard in Palm City


(Source: MCSO)

From The Martin County Sheriff’s Office: A Palm Beach County woman, angry that she couldn’t make her desired turn near an active school crossing zone, took matters into her hands today, challenging the crossing guard with her car.

The incident happened along SW Martin Highway in Palm City (near Hidden Oaks Middle School).

Elizabeth Jean Boynes of Palm Beach County, wanted to make a left turn in an area where she was told by the crossing guard that she could only turn right.

When the MCSO School Crossing Guard Riesa Miller told her again that she could only turn right, Boynes began moving the car forward directly into the path of the guard, twice.

Once Boynes made it past the guard, she took off, and was located by MCSO deputies a short time later.

Boynes said she is a retired police officer from Arizona.

When confronted by deputies and arrested for battery, Boynes said “wow, crossing guards have a lot of power here in Florida.”

Yes, the lives of our crossing guards are very important, as are the children they work to protect on a daily basis.

Boynes was taken to the Martin county Jail on $750.00 bond.

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