Witham Airport Action Majority Alert: WAAM President urges residents to respond immediately

David Shore, President, Witham Airport Action Majority

David Shore, President of the Witham Airport Action Majority (WAAM), explains that “whenever we have new commissioners elected and about to be seated, the airport special interests get ramped up and we see a flurry of attempts to get long term leases approved at the airport.”

Shore continues: In the past few weeks I have learned of a new “Jet” training flight school that is trying to get a long term sub-lease approved. This flight training school conducts ground simulator training and then moves their students to the flight line. This school could represent a tremendous increase in jet traffic at Witham Field; and the kind of jet traffic that would be particularity bothersome to our residents. I will keep you up to date via further emails.

But most pressing at the moment is an agenda item coming before the BCC as a consent item today – Tuesday September 11, 2012

The agenda item is 4C3. This agenda item is a 5 year lease to be granted to Stuart Air Show, Inc. (Mike Moon – President and Director).  I understand that this lease request will be pulled from the consent agenda where it now sits for discussion during tomorrows meeting. At this late date it is always difficult to rally the troops which is why in my opinion we get such late notices, but you can help out and email the BCC to register your opposition to the Stuart Air Show lease. We will remain opposed until the commissioners have a better handle on exactly what we as Martin County taxpayers gain from giving such a generous gift to the Air Show Promoters. The gift among other things, the use of our airport and I understand, a $50,000.00 grant from the county. Why are we as Martin County Taxpayers being asked to subsidize this air show? Why a 5 year lease?

Shore urges residents to please email your commissioners now to oppose this proposed lease until we have a chance to examine the who – the what and the where.

Commission contacts:


Chairman Ed Ciampi:
Ed Fielding (772)-288-5421 efieldin@martin.fl.us
Patrick Hayes (772)-221-2357
Sarah Heard (772)-221-2358
Doug Smith (772)-221-2359

More background from WAAM

A number of you, especially those of you that live close to the airport, are not air show fans. From a standpoint of noise and in my opinion safety, the air show should be moved to a location that is not over residential neighborhoods. That aside, this agenda item was not brought to the attention of WAAM or our commissioners in enough time for the lease to be fully vetted. One troubling issue is that Stuart Air Show Inc. says in their lease request, that they are a non-profit with proceeds of the airshow going to a “Scholarship”. That scholarship at the present time is unidentified,  A just discovered IRS tax report for Stuart Air Show Inc. shows not much of air show proceeds ever end up going to anyone but the promoters and associated businesses.
See attached IRS report on the 2010 airshow. You can see a lot of money went to “expenses” and “management” with only a very small amount going what is listed as “Charitable Contributions” which remain unidentified.

From IRS Filing 2010
Gross receipts: $456,938.00

Charitable contributions: $18,898.00 (about 4% – not much for an almost 1/2 million dollar gate)
Cost to Martin County Taxpayers – $$$ unknown but significant.

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