WikiLeaks emails show DNC spurned donation from horse-killer George Lindemann, Jr.


Lindemann, a noted equestrian who had hoped to compete in the Olympics, conspired to have his show horse, Charisma, killed so he could collect $250,000 in insurance money. (Source: The Palm Beach Post)

From The Palm Beach Post: “He had a horse that he thought was going to be a champion horse,” the Tribune quotes U.S. Attorney James Burns as saying. “It turned out to be a dismal failure, and he hated the horse, so, like the expensive toy, he got rid of it. This whole case demonstrated unmitigated arrogance.”

These days, Lindemann is a Miami-based developer and art collector. He is heavily involved in trying to develop the Lake Point property in Martin County, a project that has been mired in legal disputes.

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