Vogue: How to avoid family stress on Thanksgiving (there’s actually a hotline you can call)


A common issue Post sees is the offering of poorly worded advice. “If someone starts recounting details of something really difficult, like a divorce, start any advice you give with something like, ‘I’m sure you’ve thought of this in a million different ways already, but . . .’  (Source: Vogue)

Family holidays always have the potential for their fair share of conflict. But for a large gathering like Thanksgiving, and particularly after this year’s election, things could turn downright explosive.

Luckily, Lizzie Post has some strategies for those looking to have as happy and harmonious of a holiday as possible. Post is no novice when it comes to the area of etiquette. Her great-great-grandmother was the famous Emily Post …

For the complete story: http://www.vogue.com/13505009/thanksgiving-2016-how-to-avoid-family-stress-post-election/

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