View Martin County’s Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) updates/changes



The evaluation and appraisal process is designed to address any changes in state requirements since the last update of Martin County’s comprehensive plan, and to update the plan based on changes in State Statutes and local conditions.


At least every seven years, pursuant to Rule Chapter 73C-49, Florida Administrative Code, Martin County must determine whether the need exists to amend the comprehensive plan to reflect changes in state requirements since the last time the comprehensive plan was updated. Martin County began the EAR process in 2016.


Plan amendments to most of the chapters of the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan are being prepared and are in the public hearing process.


To view the Status Update document, dated August 1, 2017 and other EAR documents that may provide more information, please click on the link below.


The transmittal public hearing on the EAR-based plan amendments is scheduled for October 10, 2017.


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