Video: Local pizza delivery man carjacked, kidnapped, forced into trunk of car

The suspected kidnappers were dressed in tyvek suits, and rammed the car into a gun shop while victim was still in the trunk. [Tyvek is a  brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material. The name is a registered trademark of DuPont. The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or a knife.]

A Martin County Papa John’s pizza delivery man was carjacked, then kidnapped while making a delivery to a home along the 5800 block of SE 47th Avenue in Stuart.

The 40-year-old victim told the detectives that two gunman forced him into the trunk of his own car. The suspects then jumped inside the car and took off.

A short time later, that same car was caught on video smashing through the front entrance shutters of Stuart Shooting Center on SE Jay Street.

The suspects were not successful at stealing any guns, so they made a quick exit. They jumped back into the stolen car, and continued to drive to Palm Beach County with the victim still in the trunk.

The victim told detectives he was eventually released somewhere in Palm Beach County. He immediately called for help.

The victim described his kidnappers as two black males, with an average weight. Cameras caught the suspects inside the gun shop wearing Tyvek suits. A second video shows the car ramming into the front of the store.

If you have any information about this kidnapping and carjacking, you are asked to call the Martin County Sheriff’s Office

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