Video: JI’s John Textor at heart of patent theft battle at BMAs re ‘virtual’ Michael Jackson

For video of the “virtual” Michael Jackson performance at the Billboard Music Awards:


From TV Mix: Jupiter Island’s John Textor led Digital Domain Inc as its CEO from a flashy New York Stock Exchange listing into Chapter 11 in 10 short months.

A lawsuit was filed Thursday against Textor and his Florida based Pulse Entertainment. The suit will stand as an important test of the value of patents in the United States, and beyond its potential massive damages for the plaintiffs, could have broad impact on innovation.

Accounts from those on the scene during a court inspection and interviews, tell TV Mix that Textor screamed, “Get the f*ck out!”  Textor went into an apoplectic, screaming, rampage, seemingly trying to clear the room. 

Alki David, CEO of Hologram USA, said, “… it’s just such a shame that people like John Textor and his cronies felt it necessary to behave this way.”

“Having known John Textor, I can say that he has issues telling the truth,” David continued. “And anyone who knows him will tell you the same thing…”

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