Veterans Memorial Bridge: $16M utility work and roadway widening in Palm City

(Source: FDOT)

Utility relocation work has begun along County Road 714 / Martin Highway from just west of Mapp Road to just west of the Turnpike entrance in preparation for the upcoming widening project.

As utilities are being relocated, residents and businesses in the surrounding areas should not encounter a disruption in service; however, the respective contact for each utility company can be found below.

 AT&T – Mark Gutierrez, 772-460-4443

 Comcast – Tim Korndoerfer, 772-201-3587

 FPL – Rob Morris, 772-223-4215

 Martin County Utilities – Steve Vandersluis, 772-221-1437

 TECO Peoples Gas – Max Chamorro, 954-453-0812

Project Length is 1.879 miles, County Road 714 / Martin Highway, from just W. of Mapp Rd. to just West of the Turnpike entrance. Estimated cost is $16M.

The advanced utility work is expected to be completed by summer 2014, at which point the roadway widening will begin. The 1.879-mile project is an extension of the recently opened Veterans Memorial Bridge in Palm City, and is expected to be completed by winter 2016. Work being done under this project includes:

  •  Reconstructing the corridor to a four-lane divided roadway with a raised median.
  •  Access points and turn lanes will be provided throughout the corridor.
  •  Constructing an 8’ sidewalk and a 5’ bike lane on both sides of the roadway.
  •  Drainage improvements, including building two retention ponds.
  •  Signage, signalization, landscape and lighting improvements.
  •  Sound wall installation adjacent to Sunset Trace.
  •  Replacing the box culvert at Danforth Creek.

For additional information regarding this upcoming construction project, please contact the Public Information Office at (772) 359-5118.


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