UPI: Super Bowl-predicting Florida manatee forecasts Denver win

Manatee Buffett chooses the Ravens over the 49ers  in The Aquarium at Mote Marine Laboratory. Buffett has selected the correct team every year for the past five years. His roommate, manatee Hugh, has been correct three times during the past five years. Hugh also chose the Ravens. (Source: mote.org)

UPI reports that a Florida manatee renowned for his accurate Super Bowl predictions has forecast a win for the Denver Broncos, while his tank mate picked the Seattle Seahawks.

Buffett the manatee, who has correctly chosen the winners of the past six Super Bowls, swam to a picture of the Broncos’ logo Friday and bumped it with his snout.

For the complete story: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2014/01/27/Super-Bowl-predicting-manatee-forecasts-Denver-win/UPI-44671390854938/?spt=rln&or=2

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