Update: Occupy Stuart (in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street) meets every Saturday at The Riverwalk

Cunha added, “Occupy Stuart is a non-partisan group in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Information may be found on Facebook under Occupy Stuart.

“People spoke about many problems troubling our nation. 85 year-old Lillian Koppel, a retired American history teacher, spoke for many in the group when she said, ‘It has really hurt me what has happened to this country. This country was not founded on the idea that the rich have to get richer and the poor have to get poorer… It was founded on the idea that every person shall be able to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ ”

Cunha said that this past Saturday people braved the rain to again “Occupy Stuart” and voice their concerns. Maggie Wold said, ‘I’m incensed that our political system has given so much to so few and ignored the people who are begging for help.'”

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