Update: Ignoring the Comp Plan


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Following the most recent Board of County Commissioners’ meeting, local attorney and civic analyst Virginia Sherlock addressed a controversial vote by Martin Commissioners:

Yesterday’s discussion regarding Flash Beach Grille’s request to be relieved from compliance with the Comp Plan and LDRs was extremely disappointing.
The decision of all but Commissioner Heard to suspend compliance with the Plan for this property owner until the rules can be changed was disturbing and raises concerns about your commitment to our Comp Plan.
I assume that the next property owner who doesn’t want to comply with the law — even after repeatedly promising to comply — will be treated in the same manner and will also be allowed to simply ignore rules that are designed to protect all residents of Martin County.
 Staff offered at least two viable alternatives that would have allowed the property owners relief without violating the law.  There was no evidence offered at yesterday’s hearing that compliance with the Plan would work a hardship on the property owners.  
The majority decision has made me question why citizens should continue to fight to protect and preserve our Plan if you believe it is your prerogative to direct staff not to enforce it simply because a property owner doesn’t want to comply.
Ginny Sherlock

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