Update: Civil Air Patrol suspends search, MCSO continues looking for missing pilot and aircraft

Missing pilot Andrei Postelnicu, 37, was born in Romania. He is a journalist, and financial analyst. (Source: MCSO)

The Civil Air Patrol has announced that they are suspending their air search for the missing Piper aircraft at this time. However, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office will continue searching for any signs of Andrei Postelnicu, the man piloting the aircraft, which was reported missing since Friday evening.

Andrei Postelnicu’s fiancé, has issued the following statement on behalf of herself and Andrei’s family.

“Andrei is a kind, compassionate and caring individual who had a passion for many things including flying. We are completely devastated over this news and continue to be hopeful that there will be some signs of life. Andrei’s parents, (who live in Romania), and I are grateful to the many people in Martin County who have spent numerous hours searching for him. Despite the length of time and challenging conditions, we are asking the community to never give up hope, and continue the search for Andrei, as he is the type of honorable man who would never give up searching for anyone. Our heats are heavy beyond words, and our gratefulness to you is overwhelming.”

Andrei Postelnicu, 37, was born in Romania. He is a journalist, and financial analyst. He lives in the United Kingdom with his fiancé of five years. Postelnicu was in Vero Beach on a holiday to utilize the flying package that he purchased for his birthday, which was January 31st.

The search for Postelnicu’s plane has been extensive and has yielded little evidence of his whereabouts. Detectives have confirmed that the small pieces of metal recovered along the beach over the past few days, are pieces of the missing aircraft.

Sunday morning a resident recovered a backpack containing an ID and contents related to the missing pilot. Search efforts have been challenging due to the rough waters, windy conditions, and the large perimeter of the search.According to the Civil Air Patrol, Andrei Postelnicu was schedule to land in Vero Beach from Marathon, Florida, February 7th at 7:50pm. His plane never made it to its destination.It is imperative that anyone finding what appears to be a piece of an aircraft call the Sheriff’s Office and not move it.

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