Traveling thief in Martin County jail, in possession of stolen and counterfeit credit cards, skimmer

(Source: MCSO)

An Orlando man on an out of town mission to victimize Martin County citizens couldn’t have picked a better place or time to drive erratically along Kanner Highway and Jack James Drive.

That’s because the vehicle he soared by was driven by an MCSO Criminal Investigations Lieutenant and his division Detective.

Lt. Ruben Romero and Detective Mike Oliver knew immediately something was amiss and conducted a traffic stop after the driver of the car sped out of a gas station parking lot and ran a light to cut across two lanes of traffic.

When it was over, 29-year old Yudiel Byon Garcia was in custody and detectives seized credit card skimmers, a credit card reader and more than a dozen stolen credit cards.

Garcia initially said he couldn’t speak English and was unable to understand. Fortunately, Lt. Romero speaks fluent Spanish and was able to articulate exactly what was taking place.

MCSO Detective Lindsay Haw arrived on the scene with special equipment that confirmed the credit cards Garcia was in possession of, were stolen.

Garcia was charged with Possession and Transfer of Credit Card Making Equipment and due to the number of credit cards he was in possession of, he was also charged with Trafficking in/or possession of counterfeit credit cards.

Garcia was taken to the Martin County Jail on a $12,500 bond.

Gas pump skimmers have become problematic for consumers across the state.

If you notice a suspicious vehicle that is sitting at a gas station for an unusual amount of time, please call the Sheriff’s Office.

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