Tiger’s menus: Land & Sea, Cigar, Start & Flatbread, Happy Hour, Bourbons, Cognacs & Ryes


The varied menus at The Woods Jupiter include many of Tiger’s favorites. Check out the complete offerings and prices: http://www.woodsjupiter.com/site/menu/

From a review of the new restaurant at Golf.com: The vibe at The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club (catchy, right?) verges on euphoric. A pop soundtrack pounds from unseen speakers. Cocktails clink. Flatware clatters. Conversations swirl around a single subject, which is not the blue cheese crumble on the deep-fried squid.

I squeeze my way up front, through a scrum of silver foxes and platinum blonds. The scene is moneyed Florida in microcosm, as if a nightclub mated with a country club. Many of the men look like Ted Bishop. Many of the women have that new-wife smell.

For the complete review: http://www.golf.com/golf-gold/woods-jupiter-review-tiger%E2%80%99s-new-restaurant


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