Tiger and The Shark at Australian Open: Jupiter Island ‘zippergate’ connection revisited

Today in the Australian newspaper The Age:

 “It was in  1998, when Clinton’s ”zippergate” sex scandal with White House intern Monica Lewinsky was being investigated by special Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr.  In March the previous year, Clinton  had spent the night at Norman’s home in Florida and  broke his ankle in a fall.

News of Clinton’s relationship with Lewinsky broke while Norman was playing his Greg Norman International at The Australian course and  the non-golfing press descended on the interview tent.

Was Lewinsky ever at your place with the president in Florida? Did you ever see her? Did he ever mention her?”

For Norman’s answers and the entire article, read more at: http://www.theage.com.au/sport/golf/woods-faces-open-slather-20111106-1n1yg.html


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