Textor’s Pulse Evolution announces joint venture



VIrtual Michael (Source: johntextor.com)

Business Wire reports that Jupiter Islander John Textor, Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, has announced  a partnership with Augmently, Inc., an emerging growth company with patented technology focusing on applications in augmented reality.

Pulse and Augmently are currently in development of augmented reality technologies and applications intended for mass market global distribution.

This partnership intends to leverage Pulse’s existing digital IP portfolio of renowned artists and performers, as well as jointly planning to acquire new celebrity digital assets to deploy in unique AR platforms.

The companies intend to reveal the nature of their technology collaboration, with first consumer products introduction, before the summer of 2017.

For the complete story:  http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170126005771/en/Pulse-Evolution-Announces-Joint-Venture-Augmented-Reality

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