What your reaction to mosquito bites says about you

From WPBF: “You see, not everyone has an allergic reaction to mosquito bites — only those of us who are allergic to those proteins … Click here to read more

Woman hits tree, dies in crash on Jupiter Island

From WPBF: “A woman was killed Saturday night when her car struck a tree in Jupiter Island after 11:30 p.m., according to the Florida Highway Patrol. … Click here to read more

Water managers issue water shortage warning

From WPBF: “Falling water levels and extremely dry conditions that are expected to linger led South Florida Water Management District Governing Board to issue a water shortage warning … Click here to read more

WPBF: Treasure Coast officials to create medical marijuana regulations

“As Florida residents suffering from debilitating diseases and chronic pain celebrate last Tuesday’s win in the fight for legalizing medical marijuana, counties on the Treasure Coast are trying to figure out how to regulate the new amendment … Click here to read more

Jupiter Island police force: ‘The chief must go’

“Officers with the Jupiter Island Public Safety Department have voted unanimously that they have no confidence in their police chief, Bob Garlo. WPBF 25 News spoke to Garlo and he told us he was completely shocked … Click here to read more

WPBF: Teen at center of police sex scandal arrested in Martin County

“A woman at the center of a major sex scandal in California is now behind bars in Martin County after allegedly becoming aggressive with security officers at a Martin county rehab facility … Click here to read more

President Obama coming to Palm City

President Barack Obama is coming to Florida, the White House Office of the Press Secretary reported Friday, according to WPBF. Next Friday evening, the president will travel to Palm City where he will remain through Sunday … Click here to read more

WPBF: Governor declares tri-county State of Emergency as hundreds protest Lake O discharges

“‘It’s a catastrophe. Economic crisis.’ Commercial Fisherman are catching a lot less, charter boat captains can’t find customers. ‘We’re seeing it on the front lines, but this will spread. The hotels, whole tourism industry. When people see this, they’re not gonna want to come back… … Click here to read more

LOCATION CHANGE: Information on how you could possibly become a Wheel of Fortune contestant

From WPBF: “Wheel of Fortune’s Wheelmobile is coming to the Treasure Coast. What is the Wheelmobile? The Wheelmobile is a 36-foot Winnebago that tours nationwide in search of contestants for television’s #1 game show. The Wheelmobile team is coming your way to find contestants in the South Florida area … Click here to read more

WPBF: Large discharges show dark plume of murky freshwater along Jupiter Island

“Aerial photos of stormwater flowing into the ocean are sparking concerns on the Treasure Coast. The photos were taken Saturday and show a large, dark plume of murky freshwater along Jupiter Island … Click here to read more

$1M in gold artifacts, coins recovered from Treasure Coast shipwreck sites

From WPBF: “Over $1 million worth of gold artifacts and a rare coin destined for the king of Spain have been recovered from the 1715 Treasure Fleet which sank along the Treasure Coast on July 31, 1715 … Click here to read more