Witham Field in Stuart getting more traffic with Palm Beach County flight restrictions

“There’s more air traffic going into a Stuart airport thanks to Presidential Temporary Flight Restrictions in place whenever President Donald Trump comes to town,” according to WPTV. “Witham Field Airport Manager George Stokus says with the TFR in place in Palm Beach County, he estimates his airport is getting at least 100 more aircraft than normal this time of year … Click here to read more

‘Some bad ideas don’t die’: Effort to have customs facility at Witham Field is back

From Sally Swartz, award-winning Palm Beach Post blogger: “Some bad ideas don’t die. They lie dormant until a politician tries to resurrect them. So it is with the controversial $1.6 million customs facility at Witham Field, Martin County’s Airport …The lowest bid to build it was $200,000 over budget, and it would have needed county money to operate … Click here to read more

Martin Sheriff’s alert for Tuesday and Wednesday: Mock emergency response to real life disaster

Sheriff William D. Snyder, in conjunction with officials from Martin County Fire Rescue, Stuart Police, the Florida Department of Health, and Martin Health Systems, would like to inform you of the following MOCK event, Exercise Bio-Shield 2015, which will take place on Tuesday, November 3, and Wednesday, November 4 … Click here to read more

‘No’ vote on customs facility shows confidence of Martin Commission

From The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger, Sally Swartz: “A controversial $1.6 million customs facility business owners wanted Martin County to build and operate at Witham Field is dead. On Tuesday, Commissioner Anne Scott, once again the swing vote on an issue … Click here to read more

Martin County commissioners kill Witham Field Customs Facility plan

From TCPalm: “Martin County commissioners on Tuesday killed the long-discussed Witham Field Customs Facility. Citing concerns about project costs … Click here to read more

Action Alert: Customs Item 8A3, 9:15 AM Tuesday

Civic activist and renowned local attorney Ginny Sherlock provides an overview of Customs Item 8A3, set to be heard before the Martin County Commission, 9:15 AM, Tuesday, March 17: “The Martin County Commission will again consider moving forward with a fee-based Customs Facility at Witham Field despite … Click here to read more

Controlling airport expansion at Martin County’s Witham Field

From airport watchdog David Shore: “The following article should be of interest to those that want to control expansion at Witham Field. Please pay particular attention to how the town of East Hampton has generated funding for their airport. Every funding source they used is available to Martin County’s Witham Field. … Click here to read more

Say NO now to unnecessary customs facility or ruin Martin’s community-friendly airport

In a recent letter to Witham Field Airport Manager George Stokus and Martin County Commissioners, David Shore of the airport watchdog group Witham Airport Action Majority, warned of the unwanted and unneeded customs facility that will forever change Martin’s community-friendly airport … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: Sadly, Witham Field problems business as usual

From award-winning Palm Beach Post blogger, Sally Swartz: “Martin County’s airport, Witham Field, is in the public eye again, with reports of continued curfew violations and new uncertainty that the controversial customs facility has the grants needed to build it. … Click here to read more

Deliberate curfew violations at our community airport reflect disrespect for Martin County citizens

Local attorney and civic activist Virginia Shelock addresses curfew violations at Witham Field: “Curfew violators are among proponents of the Customs Facility who assure us that increased operations won’t negatively impact nearby residents or turn our community-friendly airport into an international noise- and fume-fest.” For a list of violators … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: Martin Commission gets chance for do-over on airport customs facility

The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger, Sally Swartz, details the last Martin County Commission meeting’s vote reversal to approve a controversial customs facility at Martin County’s airport, Witham Field: “Every once in a while, representative government works: The elected representative listens to the residents who voted for her (or him) and acts accordingly … Click here to read more