‘Dirty Dining’: Sewage issue at Stuart restaurant

From WFLX: State inspectors say they temporarily closed down a Martin County restaurant last week because sewage was backing up through floor drains … Click here to read more

WFLX: Commissioners to have day in court

“…The state has not supplied to us any real evidence or anything specific to give us any idea as to what they’re alleging. So, what we did today was we asked the judge set a hearing so that we could have more information because it’s not fair to anyone to go through a proceeding where they don’t know all the allegations or the facts … Click here to read more

98 bus stops could be cut in Martin County

From WFLX: “The Martin County School District sent a letter to nearly 2,900 households this week, warning residents that their children’s bus stop may be eliminated starting in August, 2017. The letters went to anyone who lives within 2 miles of their school, regardless of whether or not they take the bus to school … Click here to read more

Martin County to reinstate CRA’s

From WFLX: “Martin County Commissioners are in favor of bringing back independent Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs). They are set to vote to rewrite the ordinance this month. … Click here to read more

Fumigators plead guilty after Palm City boy poisoned following home tenting

From WFLX: “The two Sunland Pest Control fumigators facing federal charges for their involvement in the poisoning of 10-year-old Peyton McCaughey pleaded guilty to the charges … Click here to read more

WFLX: Some teachers unhappy, may call it quits in Martin County

Some teachers may call it quits in Martin County. On Thursday night the school board voted on pay raises and extra income for teachers.The vote angered teachers. … Click here to read more

Guns sold at Martin County private school, 5 students arrested

WFLX reports that five students from Community Christian School in Stuart have been arrested in connection with the sale of stolen guns on the private school campus, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday. … Click here to read more

Video: Martin County continues to seek help after Sandy

WFLX video reports Martin County officials are seeking a federal disaster declaration several weeks after Sandy blew past the Florida coast. The county must fix $2 million worth of damage, and without the disaster declaration, the county can’t get federal aid. … Click here to read more

Invasive lionfish poses danger to local marine life

WFLX reports on a different Martin County world, 75 feet under. At least, it feels that way at Six Mile Reef, just off Stuart’s coast. It’s a world that’s been threatened by the beautiful, exotic lionfish. … Click here to read more

WFLX: Thieves target boats, engines, expensive electronics in Martin County

WFLX broadcasts that Martin County Sheriff’s Office reports show about 10 motors, three boats and expensive electronics have been stolen since April 22. … Click here to read more