Stuart City Commissioner Tom Campenni resigns

From Tom Campenni: ” … I am going to resign as your commissioner. It is apparent to me that I can serve the city’s interest better as a private citizen than I can by remaining with the constraints of office. I intend to continue with my newsletter, blog and shine a light in other ways on what some people would rather keep under a rock … Click here to read more

Stuart City Manager files police report, memo to HR Director re commissioner’s conduct

From the Stuart City Manager Ross’s memo: “Commissioner Campenni proceeded to tell me in a raised and threatening voice that if he gets wind that any ‘fucking commissioner’ attends any meeting with staff that ‘I’m fucking coming after you, I’m fucking coming after you’ … Click here to read more

Outside agency’s investigation into former Stuart Mayor Tom Campenni complete

From WPTV: “Some employees of the city of Stuart consider Commissioner and former Mayor Tom Campenni to be a ‘bully.’ Others say he abuses his power and intimidates employees. These are some of the findings in an 11-page investigative report … Click here to read more

Stuart mayor resigns following age discrimination investigation

From CBS12: “Stuart Mayor Tom Campenni resigned from his post Tuesday. This action comes following a complaint issued by the city of Stuart was filed just last week. The complaint came from a city worker Sam Amerson alleging Campenni discriminated against him because of his age when he applied for the city manager position … Click here to read more

Could the city of Stuart be looking at its third mayor in just four months?

From WPTV: “City commissioners could vote to demote Mayor Tom Campenni from his current position following an age discrimination complaint filed against Campenni by a city employee … Click here to read more

Age discrimination complaint filed against Stuart Mayor Tom Campenni

From WPTV: “Tom Campenni has been mayor for more than three months. City leaders, not wanting to be named in this story, call the allegations ‘deeply concerning’ … Click here to read more