Texting while driving could become a primary offense in Florida

“Lawmakers are cracking down on the risky behavior of texting behind the wheel,” according to WFLA.com.” Right now, it’s all too common, but there’s nothing law enforcement can do about it … Click here to read more

OMG: Drug dealer trying to score mistakenly texts MCSO Narcotics Captain

When 29-year old William Lamberson of Port St. Lucie wanted a “hook up”, he began texting friends, or so he thought. Unbeknownst to Lamberson, he was mistakenly trying to score with the Captain of the Martin County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit … Click here to read more

Starting October 1, it’s illegal to text and drive in the state of Florida

From WPTV: Florida is joining 40 other states with a ban on texting while driving.The law makes it a secondary offense which means police have to first stop drivers for another offense. … Click here to read more

UPI: Governor Scott signs ban on texting while driving

Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill into law making Florida the 41st state to ban texting while driving. However, violators could only be cited if they are stopped for some other infraction. … Click here to read more