Ticket scofflaws beware of The Barnacle; Stuart employing a new parking enforcement tool

From WPTV: “The old fashioned boot is getting the boot. Say ‘Hello’ to the brand new ‘Barnacle’ … Click here to read more

Crime spree: Stuart teen cousins steal car, 9mm handgun, ‘anything of value,’ break into vehicles

“Two teen cousins looking for ‘anything of value’ were charged with multiple felonies after stealing a car and breaking into a number of vehicles. One of the ‘items of value’ stolen during that crime spree, was a 9mm gun and three magazines … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: The Stuart-based artist behind President Trump’s gift to Pope Francis

“Stuart-based artist Geoffrey Smith’s ‘Rising Above’ sculpture was one of several items given by the president to the pope during their meeting in the Holy See on Wednesday. Other gifts included a set of first-edition books written by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a piece of granite from the King ‘Stone of Hope’ monument in Washington, D.C. … Click here to read more

Stuart mayor resigns following age discrimination investigation

From CBS12: “Stuart Mayor Tom Campenni resigned from his post Tuesday. This action comes following a complaint issued by the city of Stuart was filed just last week. The complaint came from a city worker Sam Amerson alleging Campenni discriminated against him because of his age when he applied for the city manager position … Click here to read more

Bogus bills circulating in Stuart; beware of phony $20 and $100 bills

“‘”Funny money’ is circulating in Stuart, according to police. They say phony $20 and $100 bills have been used at area businesses … Click here to read more

Suspect arrested in Martin County shooting spree

From MCSO: “Following an intense investigation and several nights of surveillance by MCSO’s Criminal Investigations Division, Aviation Unit, and Midnight Shift Uniform Road Patrol Deputies into the case which spanned several weeks, 32-year-old Nathan Fiorella was taken down by a team of detectives and the MCSO SWAT Team … Click here to read more

Clarke issues apology for offensive comments

From WPTV: “Former Stuart Mayor Eula Clarke says she is deeply sorry for racially charged comments she made offending multiple city employees. An independent investigator was hired by the city to assure Clarke did not have a history of making offensive comments, or violate city personnel policies … Click here to read more

New allegations against former Stuart mayor

From WFLX: “Stuart City Commissioner Eula Clarke resigned as mayor shorty after allegedly making a ‘pig’ comment in the presence of an officer. Now, an investigative report alleges she may have said much worse. The investigation reveals several Stuart city employees were interviewed about a history of comments allegedly made by the former mayor … Click here to read more

Witham Field in Stuart getting more traffic with Palm Beach County flight restrictions

“There’s more air traffic going into a Stuart airport thanks to Presidential Temporary Flight Restrictions in place whenever President Donald Trump comes to town,” according to WPTV. “Witham Field Airport Manager George Stokus says with the TFR in place in Palm Beach County, he estimates his airport is getting at least 100 more aircraft than normal this time of year … Click here to read more

75 years later: How World War II changed Florida forever

From The Palm Beach Post: “If you were living on Jupiter Island 75 years ago, on Feb. 21, 1942, you might have been partying at the local drinking hole, relaxing in your living room, or asleep in bed. All of a sudden, you would have felt the ground beneath you vibrate… Stuart insurance agent Ralph Hartman recalled that night … Click here to read more

WPTV: Eula Clarke steps down as Stuart mayor

“Stuart Mayor Eula Clarke said she is stepping down from the position after a comment she made earlier this month.Walking into a convenience store where a police officer was present she said, ‘I didn’t know we were serving pig tonight.’ … Click here to read more