New lawsuit against Martin County

From Ginny Sherlock, renowned local attorney, civic activist, and former Associated Press editor: “… It will be interesting to see whether the County Commission majority jumps at the chance to give away still more taxpayer dollars to settle another tortious interference lawsuit filed by Loeb. One candidate for election, Stacey Hetherington, was represented by Loeb’s law firm during her deposition in the Lake Point case in which she testified on behalf of Lake Point and against the County … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: Lawsuit against Hurchalla just legal harassment

From The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger, Sally Swartz: “Lake Point, a controversial 2,200 acre chunk of land in western Martin County, for a decade has drawn schemers who want to make money from it. Now Lake Point is tangled in lawsuits and involved — again — in a county commission election. … Click here to read more