Health advisory lifted for the Stuart Causeway

The Florida Department of Health in Martin County conducts weekly water sampling at four sites along the St. Lucie River including the Roosevelt Bridge, Sandsprit Park, Leighton Park and the Stuart Sandbar. Martin County beach sites are sampled every other week. All sites will be tested again on Monday, December 11. … Click here to read more

MCSO marine deputies stop immigrant vessel at St. Lucie/Intracoastal intersection

From the Martin County Sheriff’s Office: While patrolling the area of the intersection of the St. Lucie River and the Intracoastal Waterway, MCSO Marine Deputies observed a 31-foot Sport Fish with no visible FL numbers displayed on the hull. Marine deputies attempted to stop the vessel to perform a registration check. The vessel had other plans and kept traveling west towards Sandsprit Park … Click here to read more

Algae update: Obama administration denies final appeal for federal state of emergency

From The Orlando Sentinel: The Obama administration denied for a second time Thursday Gov. Rick Scott’s request for a federal state of emergency for algae blooms. Scott cannot appeal the decision again … Click here to read more

Carl Hiaasen: Enjoy your vacation on Playa Guacamole

From Carl Hiaasen in The Miami Herald: “Hardest hit is Martin County, on the Treasure Coast, where scummy Lake O water has poured into the saltwater estuary from the St. Lucie River. Gov. Rick Scott has reacted with unwavering impotence …He’ll be running for the Senate in two years and desperately wants not to be tagged as Governor Algae … Click here to read more

Carl Hiaasen: It’s summer, and here comes the slime

“If you live on the estuary in Stuart, or along the St. Lucie River, summer time is algae time. This year, the ribbons of goop have arrived early. The discharges go on day after day, week after week — perhaps the most massive, long-term act of pollution in the country, and it’s committed annually by the government. No president, including Barack Obama, has made a priority of stopping it … Click here to read more

Obama to attend fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy before traveling to Palm City

“Before he travels to Palm City, President Barack Obama will attend a Miami fundraiser for Treasure Coast U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy on Friday,” according to USA Today’s Kitsap Sun. “Obama is expected to travel to Palm City on Friday evening to play golf at the exclusive Floridian club … Click here to read more

Senate President-designate Negron sets out session-end plan to address Lake O discharges

“…In the final two weeks of the 2016 Legislative Session, I will be focused on three priorities that will alleviate the catastrophic damage to the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon caused by the discharges from Lake Okeechobee. They are as follows: … Click here to read more

Avoid Contact Advisory: High enteric bacteria levels at Roosevelt and Leighton Park Bridges, Sandsprit Park

Samples collected on Monday, February 1st and Wednesday, February 3rd are above acceptable levels at the Leighton Park Bridge, Roosevelt Bridge, and now Sandsprit Park. The advisory to avoid contact with the water in these areas is in effect. … Click here to read more

FAA: Drone over Obama in Martin County had Secret Service on alert

From The Palm Beach Post: “The Secret Service got involved in a drone sighting locally in March — because it was flying near President Barack Obama as he played golf in Martin County. Obama spent that weekend playing at the members-only Floridian National Golf Club in Palm City … Click here to read more

Comp Plan Amendments on Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners’ Agenda

From Ginny Sherlock, renowned local attorney, civic activist, and former Associated Press editor: “Tuesday’s BOCC meeting agenda features a dozen Comp Plan amendments that were previously approved and concurrent re-zoning applications for most of the properties … A 9:15 a.m. pre-set is scheduled to discuss proposed amendments to an agreement with the Town of Jupiter Island regarding the beach sand … Click here to read more

Martin County says study of All Aboard Florida impacts underestimated boat traffic

From The Palm Beach Post: “Martin County officials on Monday took aim at a draft federal study evaluating the impacts of the All Aboard Florida rail project, saying that the study grossly underestimated the number of boats that travel passed the St. Lucie River railroad bridge each day … Click here to read more