Florida Politics: Maggy Hurchalla’s free speech right just cost her millions

“The slappee is a 77-year-old grandmother, a prominent Florida environmentalist, a sister of the late Janet Reno. Now, after expressing her rights of free speech in opposing a land development, Maggy Hurchalla is on the hook for $4,391,708 in a court-ordered judgment. The slapper is the scion of a family of multibillionaires, a developer who reshaped a proposed polo community into a dusty rock pit, a fellow with a penchant for litigation and also a criminal record … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: SLAPP at Hurchalla shows law needs to be reformed

From The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger, Sally Swartz: “The Lake Point SLAPP suit against former Martin County Commissioner Maggy Hurchalla had its first of what likely will be many days in court this week. It’s a textbook case in why Florida needs laws to protect citizens from Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.” … Click here to read more

Tuesday’s BOCC agenda: Contentious ‘Battle of Pitchford’s Landing’ concludes another chapter

Local attorney and civic activist Virginia Sherlock details Tuesday’s upcoming Board of County Commissioners meeting agenda, which has been shortened by elimination of the Pitchford’s Landing application for final site plan approval: “The application is being withdrawn, concluding another chapter in the long and contentious Battle of Pitchford’s Landing.” … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: Developer’s SLAPP suit seeks to silence environmentalist Maggy Hurchalla

From Sally Swartz, The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger: “The SLAPP — Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation — is nothing new in Martin County and on the Treasure Coast. Still, it is a shock that the developers of the Lake Point rock mines last week targeted environmentalist Maggy Hurchalla, demanding she retract what she has said to Martin commissioners in public meetings and e-mails criticizing the mining operation.” … Click here to read more