Local State of Emergency declared in Martin County; Commissioners urge Governor to act

The Martin County Board of County Commission stands with citizens who are demanding swift action about the impacts associated with the damaging freshwater discharges from Lake Okeechobee to the St. Lucie Estuary. Commissioners have proceeded with declaring a local State of Emergency … Click here to read more

League of Women Voters of Martin County honors Sarah Heard with 2016 Susan B. Anthony Award

At its most recent luncheon meeting, The League of Women Voters of Martin County honored longtime Martin County Commissioner Sarah Heard with its 2016 Susan B. Anthony Award. This award is presented annually by the League … Click here to read more

Former Martin Commissioner explains restoration of septic rules: ‘A gift for our waterways’

Maggy Hurchalla was a 20-year Martin County Commissioner, an active member of numerous Governor Commissions on the Everglades, water and planning, a lifelong advocate for wetlands preservation, a winner of national, state and local environmental and conservation awards regarding wetlands, land planning, water studies. She is a resident of Rocky Point: “Tallahassee gave Martin County waterways a late Christmas present … Click here to read more

CBS: $8 million approved to improve Jupiter Island, Sailfish Point beaches

From CBS: “Martin County Commissioners approve a multi-million dollar project to once again rebuild battered beaches. This time, the cash is going to a town with plenty of millionaires—Jupiter Island. Now Jupiter Island residents will get a gift from Martin County taxpayers, $6.2 million dollars … Click here to read more

Martin County MPO throws residents under the bus on Kanner Hwy widening

From Ginny Sherlock, renowned local attorney, civic activist, and former Associated Press editor: “The Martin County Metropolitan Planning Organization majority voted today to allow Kanner Highway to become a noise-wall lined 6-lane expressway from the I-95 Interchange into the City of Stuart despite impassioned pleas from residents to stop or delay the project. Only County Commissioner Sarah Heard refused to be bullied … Click here to read more

Must-read: ‘Heardophobes’ spin Ethics complaint results

This detailed investigative probe by local attorney and civic activist Ginny Sherlock is an important must-read: “Martin County Commissioner Sarah Heard has been cleared of all but one of the allegations made against her in a complaint filed by John McAuliffe, a Palm City political operative associated with Commissioner Heard’s political rival, Barbara Clowdus, and the cowardly ding-dong “DBell” who uses anonymous e-mails to spread Clowdus’ manure … Click here to read more

Tuesday’s BOCC Agenda and a great big BOOYAH

From renowned local attorney and civic activist Ginny Sherlock: “First of all, a great big BOOYAH to Martin County Commissioners Fielding, Heard and Scott for efforts to rein in public spending, explore cost-saving measures, study important issues like fiscally efficient use of public facilities, and otherwise practice sound governance in the face of unrelenting criticism, hate-filled anonymous e-mails and rants from shameless shills for Big Sugar, Big Ag and Big Rockpit … Click here to read more

Martin County commissioners kill Witham Field Customs Facility plan

From TCPalm: “Martin County commissioners on Tuesday killed the long-discussed Witham Field Customs Facility. Citing concerns about project costs … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: Martin gets early ‘Christmas gift’ for clean water storage

From award-winning Palm Beach Post blogger, Sally Swartz: “Martin County Commissioner Sarah Heard calls it ‘the best Christmas present ever’ — 1,800 acres of farm land in western Martin. The drained pasture land will be restored to natural wetlands, to store and clean water before it flows to the St. Lucie River. … Click here to read more

SFWMD, Martin County partner to preserve lands, improve water quality for St. Lucie River

In a funding partnership with Martin County, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Governing Board approved the purchase of land that will help improve natural lands, water storage and water quality for the C-44 canal and South Fork of the St. Lucie River. This action places in public ownership approximately 1,840 acres of land in what is known as the Palmar Complex, located in the C-44 Basin. … Click here to read more

Commissioner inauguration ceremony planned for November 18, public invited

You are cordially invited to attend the Inauguration Ceremony for Commissioners Heard and Fielding at the next Board of County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, November 18. Watch as the Commissioners renew their commitment to the citizens of Martin County … Click here to read more