‘Why the good guys get arrested for jaywalking while the bad guys get away with murder…’

A must-read from Maggy Hurchalla, a 20-year Martin County Commissioner, an active member of numerous Governor Commissions on the Everglades, water and planning, a lifelong advocate for wetlands preservation, a winner of national, state and local environmental and conservation awards regarding wetlands, land planning, water studies. She is a resident of Rocky Point … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: Martin County names park after Maggy Hurchalla

From The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger, Sally Swartz: “Maggy is Maggy Hurchalla, who served on the Martin County Commission from 1974-94. More than 60 residents gathered to cheer this week when a small park in Rocky Point was named ‘Maggy’s Hammock Park’ in her honor.” … Click here to read more