Stuart City Manager David Ross resigns

From CBS12: David Ross, the city manager for the City of Stuart, has resigned. The letter of resignation … Click here to read more

Stuart City Commissioner Tom Campenni resigns

From Tom Campenni: ” … I am going to resign as your commissioner. It is apparent to me that I can serve the city’s interest better as a private citizen than I can by remaining with the constraints of office. I intend to continue with my newsletter, blog and shine a light in other ways on what some people would rather keep under a rock … Click here to read more

State Senator Frank Artiles resigns over N-word; insults State Senate President Negron (R-Stuart)

From WFSU: “Artiles … allegedly claimed the only reason Senate President Joe Negron (R-Stuart) won the presidency was because six Republicans sided with him. He referred to those Republicans as the N-word and called Negron a ‘pussy’ … Click here to read more