ACLU: ‘New Martin rule seems to violate First Amendment, would be flatly unconstitutional’

The Stuart News reports that “A revised County Commission policy, which restricts what can be said during the public-comment portion of meetings, might be a violation … Click here to read more

Tuesday’s shocking agenda: BOCC asked to eliminate oak trees; applause; 9:05 public comment

Renowned local attorney and civic activist Ginny Sherlock details the upcoming June 9 Board of County Commissioners’ shocking agenda: “After a three-week hiatus, the Martin County Commission returns to an agenda that seems designed to keep the public from meddling in the affairs of local government. New rules of procedure that may stifle public participation … Click here to read more

Public comment suffers in Martin due to county administrator and previous commission chairs

Traditonally the Martin County Commission recognized public comment during their meeting times at 9:05 AM and 5:05 PM (unless the meeting concluded earlier). County Administrator Taryn Kryzda, along with former commission chairs, changed that longstanding morning time that now makes it more difficult for the public to schedule comments. Community leader and local attorney Virginia Sherlock has asked that common sense prevail, and the former public comment time be restored for a variety of reasons. … Click here to read more