Algae update: Obama administration denies final appeal for federal state of emergency

From The Orlando Sentinel: The Obama administration denied for a second time Thursday Gov. Rick Scott’s request for a federal state of emergency for algae blooms. Scott cannot appeal the decision again … Click here to read more

White House Press Secretary: The President’s schedule for Saturday and Sunday in Palm City

From the Office of the Press Secretary: Weekend guidance and press schedule for Saturday, June 4, and Sunday, June 5 during President’s visit to Palm City … Click here to read more

Obama to attend fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy before traveling to Palm City

“Before he travels to Palm City, President Barack Obama will attend a Miami fundraiser for Treasure Coast U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy on Friday,” according to USA Today’s Kitsap Sun. “Obama is expected to travel to Palm City on Friday evening to play golf at the exclusive Floridian club … Click here to read more

UPI: Gov. Scott says no to Syrian refugee relocations to Florida

“On Monday, November 16, Florida Gov. Rick Scott wrote to congressional leaders asking them to stop the Obama administration from funding the relocation of Syrian refugees to the Sunshine State … Click here to read more

Obama opens East Coast to oil exploration, gov’t estimates 138,000+ sea creatures to be harmed

From TCPalm: “Opening the Eastern Seaboard to offshore oil exploration, the Obama administration approved the use of sonic cannons to discover deposits by shooting sound waves 100 times louder than a jet engine through waters shared by endangered whales and turtles. In an environmental impact study, the government estimates that more than 138,000 sea creatures could be harmed.” … Click here to read more

Florida conservatives targeted by IRS

Since the Obama administration’s IRS has apologized for specifically targeting conservative organizations for special tax-status scrutiny, Sunshine State News has discovered that among the agency’s apparent victims are several Florida-based tea party groups and their spokespersons. … Click here to read more

UPI: Florida vote count more or less done

According to United Press International: CNN said Obama carried the state by 74,000 votes, or 50.1 percent of the vote, leading Romney by less than 1 percentage point. Elections officials certified Democrat Patrick Murphy as the Distirct 18 (includes Martin County) winner in Tuesday’s election over one-term incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West. … Click here to read more

Proposal to cut water testing endangers Florida beach-goers according to officials

UPI reports that a proposal by the Obama administration to eliminate funding for beach water testing puts every beach-goer at risk, Florida officials said. … Click here to read more