Carl Hiaasen: ‘Gov. Scott went to California, dreaming’

“Gov. Rick Scott went to California last week to steal some jobs. Guess how that brilliant idea turned out … Click here to read more

Carl Hiaasen: Taken for a ride on the Boondoggle Express aka ‘All Appalled Florida’

“All passenger trains in this country operate deep in the red, and couldn’t exist without heavy government subsidies. AAF wants Floridians to believe that it will be the sole exception, magically turning a profit where all others have failed. In the parlance of the business world, this is known variously as ‘a crock,’ or a ‘steaming crock.’ … Click here to read more

Miami Herald: Scott signs 44 bills into law, including concealed carry, body camera legislation

Gov. Rick Scott signed 44 bills into law Thursday afternoon, including one allowing concealed weapons to be carried without a permit during emergency evacuations and another that will shield police body camera videos from public record laws. The concealed carry bill is a favorite project … Click here to read more

Florida’s Legislature in chaos: House adjourns abruptly, ‘impasse is insurmountable’

From The Miami Herald: “Florida’s Legislature collapsed into chaos Tuesday as the House unilaterally ended the annual session with more than three days left, leaving dozens of major bills dead and escalating tensions between the House and Senate over their healthcare stalemate … Click here to read more

Carl Hiaasen: Gov Rick Scott’s inaugural message – ‘Hey, America, all of you c’mon down’

“’I have a message today to the people of New York, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania and others: Move to Florida!’ Such was the sunny welcome put forth by Gov. Rick Scott at his second inaugural last week in Tallahassee. For Hiaasen’s commentary in The Miami Herald … Click here to read more

Miami Herald: Tumors in Florida’s endangered sea turtles linked to polluted oceans

Yes, those huge pink growths are tumors (see photo) around the eyes of an endangered green sea turtle. The Miami Herald reports that now researchers think they have an answer for what’s causing the tumors: pollution. And that discovery may have wider implications about the oceans’ health. … Click here to read more

Boaters lead fight against All Aboard Florida: Waiting at a drawbridge? Horrors

From longtime Miami Herald columnist Fred Grimm: “Boaters, lacking a sense of irony, are leading the fight against All Aboard Florida. They worry that a Miami-to-Orlando passenger train service, as it crosses drawbridges over the New River in Fort Lauderdale, the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter and the St. Lucie River in Stuart, might inconvenience yachties … Click here to read more

Miami Herald (Carl Hiaasen): ‘Florida taxpayers about to be railroaded’

Noted author, journalist, and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen adds his opinions on All Aboard Florida: “… Leaving aside the fact that you can inexpensively drive from downtown Miami to the Orlando airport in about the same time (or fly commercially in only 42 minutes), the project grandly known as All Aboard Florida raises other elementary questions. … Click here to read more

Miami Herald: Treasure Coast ‘hostile’ as Governor supports All Aboard Florida

Anyone who complains to Governor Scott about All Aboard Florida gets a canned email reply from his office that says: “The state has no involvement in this railway.” Affected residents, who chose the Treasure Coast to avoid the noise and congestion of Miami and Orlando, are hostile to the idea of becoming a high-speed pathway between two big tourism hubs. … Click here to read more

Miami Herald: Martin County GOP leader defeated in close vote for state chair

The Miami Herald blogs that Florida Republicans on Saturday elected Clay County GOP chairwoman Leslie Dougher as interim chair to guide the party through the election cycle this fall. She defeated Eric Miller of Martin County, 106-69, in a surprisingly close vote. … Click here to read more

Man believed to be first American suicide bomber in Syria used to live on Treasure Coast

The young American suicide bomber who last weekend blew up an explosives-laden truck halfway across the world in Syria made his home on the Treasure Coast, law enforcement officials said Friday. The 22-year-old, identified as Moner Mohammad Abusalha, is believed to have been the first American suicide bomber in Syria. … Click here to read more