Manhunt of two Miami-Dade men yields burglary tools, arrests, and laundry list of poor excuses

From the Martin County Sheriff’s Office: “It’s mom’s car, they were lost, they ran from deputies because they were scared, and the ski mask and burglary tools inside the vehicle were there because… guessed it, they have animals. (We had the same reaction) That’s the story 25-year old Fredy De Alejo gave deputies after he and 33-year old Lisbel Murillo were arrested early this morning. … Click here to read more

Martin’s frightful water pollution: How Big Sugar’s shadow fell across a Miami-Dade County resolution

From The Sun-Sentinel: “…the future president of the Florida Senate, likely to be Joe Negron [R-Stuart], supports the allocation of $500 million for land acquisition (he hasn’t said where) to use lands to clean up frightful water pollution in Martin and Palm Beach counties… … Click here to read more

New York Times: Where sand is gold, the reserves are running dry and Martin is asked to sacrifice

According to The New York Times, Miami-Dade County is officially out of offshore sand. The situation is so dire that two counties to the north — St. Lucie and Martin — are being asked to donate their own offshore sand in the spirit of neighborliness. … Click here to read more

ABC News: Corps runs out of sand for Miami-Dade beaches, looks to Treasure Coast to renourish

There’s more than enough sand available off southeastern Florida for beach renourishment projects in five counties over the next 50 years, according to a new study by the corps and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. However, almost all of it is located in state or federal waters off St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach counties — not Broward or Miami-Dade. … Click here to read more

Are palm trees on the way out?

The Atlantic Cities asks: “Picture a line of gently swaying palm trees, is there a greater signifier of a pleasantly warm climate and a great vacation spot?” … Click here to read more