Kudos to caged tiger protesters at Fairgrounds

From Ginny Sherlock, renowned local attorney, civic activist, and former Associated Press editor: “Kudos to Ashley Geiger for organizing the protest at the Martin County Fairgrounds yesterday against the cruel treatment of tigers on display at the Martin County Fair. The tigers are kept in very small cages, unable to move around freely, when they are not being jabbed and poked in the throat and face to make them perform feats for the ‘entertainment’ of humans … Click here to read more

Incident at Martin County Fair: Witnesses claim tiger escape panic, protest planned

From WPTV: “Did a tiger get loose at the Martin County Fair? Some people who watched Wednesday night’s tiger show say ‘yes’ and shared their fear on Facebook. But the tiger’s trainer denies … Click here to read more

Martin County Fair begins tomorrow through Feb 20

There really is something for everyone at The Martin County Fair. The Martin County Fair Association, Inc. presents the largest single event held in Martin County, drawing over 70,000 people from across the Treasure Coast. … Click here to read more