ABC: Claims to make a fortune off medical marijuana stocks in Florida

“This advertisement popped up on the Yahoo website in hopes of getting you to look into ‘the Green Gold Rush.’ The three sentences point out, ‘If you’ve never invested, now’s the time to start….This is the last legal way for the little guy to grow rich … Click here to read more

Medical marijuana ballot language approved for 2016 in Florida

“Supporters of medical marijuana logged an important victory Thursday as the Florida Supreme Court approved the wording of a constitutional amendment legalizing the drug,” according to The Miami Herald. “More than 280,000 petition signatures are needed to hit the mark as Dec. 31 looms as a deadline for signatures … Click here to read more

How might Florida handle legal pot?

In five months, Floridians will vote on a medical marijuana system built around controlled dispensaries. Under a proposed constitutional amendment, no one could grow his own. Smokable pot, infused food and liquids could come only from licensed dispensaries, according to The Ledger. … Click here to read more

Video: Marijuana with $800K street value found on Jupiter Island, ‘biggest bust in recent memory’

Investigators call it the biggest bust in recent memory: 800 pounds of marijuana were found hidden in the bushes on Jupiter Island. The drugs have an estimated street value of $800,000, according to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. See the WPTV video … Click here to read more