River Crisis: Ask yourself honestly, ‘Why has my community had the same problem for 50 years?’

Clint Starling of Jensen Beach, a sixth-generation Floridian who has been organizing protests for the St. Lucie River, comments on the River Crisis: “If you understand this problem and its remarkable simplicity, the fact it remains unresolved is enough to make your blood boil.” … Click here to read more

Video: Lake Okeechobee water release in St. Lucie River affecting environment, businesses

WPTV video: The St. Lucie River in Jensen Beach is Henry Caimotto’s backyard. It’s also his cause. The Snook Nook owner has fought against Lake Okeechobee water releases into the river since the 1980s. Caimotto says the lake’s mixture of fresh water, pollutants and nutrients should be redirected into the Everglades. He says it’s turned the river into a graveyard. … Click here to read more