Email chain: ‘Important Hobe Sound community contacts’ re Harmony development plans…

From Ginny Sherlock, renowned local attorney, civic activist, and former Associated Press editor: “The Harmony development team is continuing to push the pitch for the April 24 BCC meeting that Commissioners are not being asked to “approve” Harmony comp plan amendment and re-zoning requests but only to transmit the amendment to the state for comment and review. Of course, in order to send a proposal to the state for review, it must first be “approved” by the BCC. Transmittal is not automatic … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: Local candidates try to claim they aren’t linked to out-of-town PACS

The Palm Beach Post’s Sally Swartz has researched the misleading Political Action Committees (PACS) that could affect Martin County races, and it’s an informative and revealing read. … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: In Martin, all county commission elections are about the same issue

Award-winning Palm Beach Post blogger Sally Swartz asks the defining questions in the Martin County commission elections: Should Martin grow sensibly and keep the small town, nature-loving quality of life many residents love? Or should the county kill its protective growth plan for the sprawling, crowded development that marks so much of South Florida? … Click here to read more

Recent debate is ‘more about politics than economic growth’

The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger Sally Swartz details a recent debate sponsored by The Martin County Conservation Alliance: “With a final commission vote set July 10 on a controversial Extreme Water Sports Park that could open farmland west of Hobe Sound to more development (such as Hobe Grove or Harmony), growth remains the No.1 issue in the county commission campaigns.” … Click here to read more

Another cheap shot by pro-development PAC promotes class warfare in Martin County

In an attempt to discredit the District 3 Martin County Commission race, a pro-development PAC has made the unfortunate choice to promote class warfare with a cartoon postcard. To view the postcard … Click here to read more

Cheap shot by pro-development PAC sends misleading messages

The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning Sally Swartz comments on a recent postcard sent out from a pro-development political action committee: “With just two months until the Aug. 14 primary, when many local races are decided, the great divide in Martin County widens. Slow growth vs. pro-growth. Protective growth plan vs. ‘progress’ with no rules.” To view the postcard … Click here to read more

Palm Beach Post: ‘Back-stabbing and back-slapping in Martin County’

From The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning Sally Swartz: In a small county like Martin, people keep tabs on each other. So it’s no shock that hours after Martin Commissioner Patrick Hayes exchanged toasts and high-fives with the Extreme Water Sports Park’s pitchman Don Cuozzo and applicant Marcel Mullet’s mother, Justine Simoni, at a Stuart tavern, the news was out in e-mails and blogs. … Click here to read more

Ageist water park fans insult opponents: ‘army of gray hairs choking on their Ovaltine’

Here is the definitive word on the South County water park debacle, Ovaltine insults and more, from The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger, Sally Swartz. … Click here to read more

Sally Swartz: ‘Is Harmony mega-development dead or playing possum?’

Sally Swartz, former member of The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board, blogs on the future of Harmony, the development west of Hobe Sound that would build half a Stuart-sized city on Martin’s green farmlands. … Click here to read more

Must-read now: a shocking eye-opener for all Martin residents

Award-winning Palm Beach Post blogger and former editorial board member Sally Swartz details the Local Planning Agency meeting that will potentially change Martin County forever.: … Click here to read more

Important read on county development: brilliantly simple logic of renowned environmentalist Hurchalla

Five-term Martin County Commissioner and award-winning environmentalist Maggy Hurchalla clearly spells out a developer’s rights in a Stuart News op-ed: “The owner has a right to develop his property according to our comprehensive plan. That calls for agricultural use and no more than 1 unit per 20 acres. He does not have the right to demand 40 times the density for a new city in the boondocks.” … Click here to read more