Lake Point Restoration wins $4.3 million judgment against Hurchalla

((Source: The Palm Beach Post)

From The Palm Beach Post: “…For eight days, the case of mining company Lake Point Restoration against storied Everglades protector Maggy Hurchalla played out in front of a jury asked to decide whether their conflict was that of a company wronged by a conservationist’s influence over public officials, or a well-heeled entrepreneur with a grudge and the money to satisfy it in a prolonged legal rumble … Click here to read more

WikiLeaks emails show DNC spurned donation from horse-killer George Lindemann, Jr.

From The PB Post: “Lindemann is heavily involved in trying to develop the Lake Point property in Martin County, a project mired in legal disputes. ‘He had a horse that he thought was going to be a champion,’ the Tribune quotes U.S. Attorney James Burns as saying. ‘It turned out to be a dismal failure, and he hated the horse, so, he got rid of it. This whole case demonstrated unmitigated arrogance … Click here to read more