Tuesday’s BCC: Restore river, environment, quality of life protections

From Ginny Sherlock, renowned local attorney, civic activist, and former Associated Press editor: “The Martin County Board of County Commissioners will consider adopting a “remedial amendment” to our Comprehensive Plan on Tuesday to restore protections for our river, our environment and our quality of life that were removed in a 2009 overhaul of the Plan by the now defunct ‘Future Group.’ … Click here to read more

Former Martin Commissioner explains restoration of septic rules: ‘A gift for our waterways’

Maggy Hurchalla was a 20-year Martin County Commissioner, an active member of numerous Governor Commissions on the Everglades, water and planning, a lifelong advocate for wetlands preservation, a winner of national, state and local environmental and conservation awards regarding wetlands, land planning, water studies. She is a resident of Rocky Point: “Tallahassee gave Martin County waterways a late Christmas present … Click here to read more