Dangerous drilling endangers communities, waters: Treasure Coast Ban Fracking meeting 8.17

From The Treasure Coast Democratic Environmental Caucus: “It’s time to take the fight to ban fracking to the next level. Our Florida legislators have stalled on passing a ban for too long. We need to show our elected officials that our residents support banning this dangerous drilling practice statewide … Click here to read more

Unbelievable shocker: State regulators vote to allow more toxic chemicals in Florida waterways

From The Miami Herald: “State environmental regulators voted 3-2 in favor of new rules. The number of regulated chemicals will increase from 54 to 92. The dozens of chemicals are among those released by oil and gas drilling companies (including fracking operations) … Click here to read more

Florida drops bill to open fracking in the Everglades after public outcry

From The Guardian: Environmentalists in Florida are celebrating the failure of an oil industry-backed bill they say would have opened a pathway to fracking in the ecologically sensitive Everglades wetlands … Click here to read more

Oil and gas industry push fracking reg bill SB 318 = environmental damage, water, public health at risk

The Florida House recently passed HB 191 to establish a regulatory system for fracking. This bill’s Senate companion, SB 318, has only one committee stop left, Senate Appropriations, before it reaches the Senate Floor. While these bills might seem to provide protections at first glance, they contain a number of deficiencies which place our drinking water and public health at risk. The oil and gas industry is pushing … Click here to read more

Could Florida become the new fracking frontier?

From Truth-out.org: ‘As industry interest in bringing fracking to the Sunshine State intensifies, environmental groups worry about risks ranging from contaminated groundwater, disruption to some of the country’s most bio-diverse ecosystems and aquifers sucked dry. … Click here to read more

New York Times: Stuart company in race to clean up fracking

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has raised fears around the world that the procedure needed to coax shale oil and gas out of tightly packed rock could cause pollution damaging to human health. Ecosphere Technologies of Stuart, Florida, uses ozone as a disinfectant to clean water in a process called advanced oxidation. … Click here to read more