Medical marijuana ballot language approved for 2016 in Florida

“Supporters of medical marijuana logged an important victory Thursday as the Florida Supreme Court approved the wording of a constitutional amendment legalizing the drug,” according to The Miami Herald. “More than 280,000 petition signatures are needed to hit the mark as Dec. 31 looms as a deadline for signatures … Click here to read more

Florida Legislature will return to Tallahassee for special session June 1-20

From The Florida Times-Union: “Approving a balanced budget is the Legislature’s only requirement each year. But the regular session ended in an impasse with the House leaving 3½ days earlier than the scheduled May 1 final day because of a fight with the Senate over Medicaid expansion … Click here to read more

ABCNews: Florida Supreme Court rules red light cameras pre-2010 illegal

From ABC News: Red light cameras installed before the Legislature authorized them in 2010 were illegal, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled, but drivers who were ticketed under the municipal programs shouldn’t expect to find a refund check in the mail anytime soon. … Click here to read more

Florida Supreme Court denies appeal by Martin County Conservation Alliance, 1000 Friends

The environmental groups appealed to the Florida Supreme Court in 2011, after the 1st District Court of Appeal filed a substitute ruling that even more strongly made the case for sanctions against the groups, according to The Florida Current. On Thursday, the Florida Supreme Court said there was no legal issue for it to decide … Click here to read more