Forbes: Don’t rebuild the Florida Keys

“There is just one problem in this zeal to redevelop the islands: The Next Storm. The Keys—like much of south Florida’s waterfront—are sitting ducks. They have been ravaged in the past by major storms, and will be flattened again with greater frequency in the future. They are not meant to be an axle of human habitation … Click here to read more

The 25 Most Expensive Homes For Sale in South Florida: Celine’s Jupiter Island compound is #3

From Miami Curbed: “The most expensive residential listing in South Florida is Pumpkin Key, a 26 acre private island in the Florida Keys, listed for a whopping $110 million…Celine Dion’s Jupiter Island compound which is on the market for $62.5 million, water park included, ranks #3.” … Click here to read more