Wildfire concerns increase

“As cooler, drier air and freezing temperatures push through our area, the Florida Forest Service is concerned about an increasing frequency of wildfire starts. Dry season started with the driest November on record followed by one of the warmest Decembers on record.. ‘Most native vegetation in Florida is very sensitive to cooler weather and becomes additional fuel for a wildfire … Click here to read more

CBS: Why was burn permit issued in Martin County with a windy forecast?

What started as a 150-acre prescribed burn in Atlantic Ridge got out of control due to strong winds. It happened near State Road 76 and Pratt Whitney Road in Stuart, closing down parts of the Turnpike on Wednesday. The Florida Forest Service tells CBS12 that the agricultural pile burn was approved that morning despite a warning from the National Weather Service of gusty winds. … Click here to read more

Ashes from South Martin fire could smolder for a week or more

The Palm Beach Post reports that it could take a week or more before the remnants of the 105 acre Poinciana Gardens fire stops smoldering, said Melissa Yunas, wildfire mitigation specialist with the Florida Forest Service. … Click here to read more