‘Sexy Beaches:’ FL legislature’s public relations war on tourism marketing, business development

From The Miami Herald: “What started out as a disagreement over taxpayers footing the bill for a version of Pitbull’s ‘Sexy Beaches’ video is now turning into a full-blown public relations war between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and the GOP-controlled Florida House. … Click here to read more

Who cares what John Textor thinks?

“How come The Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times gives any credence at all to the man who bilked the state out of $20 million?”, asks The Sunshine State News’ Nancy Smith…”The man still accepts responsibility for nothing.” … Click here to read more

Officials point fingers about tax dollars that went to Digital Domain, Martin County was ‘considered’

According to The Palm Beach Post, “Enterprise Florida proposed $11.4 million in incentives for Digital Domain in 2009 when the company was considering Martin County, according to agency emails. The company also looked at Sarasota and more locations. But by the time the regular March-to-May session heated up, Digital Domain wanted the state to up the ante. Enterprise Florida disapproved of the amount — $20 million — and the scope of what CEO John Textor wanted to achieve.” … Click here to read more