ACTION ALERT: Martin County’s four-story height limit challenged at LPA and BOCC meetings

The four-story height limitation that so visibly distinguishes Martin County from its neighbors to the north and south is being challenged in the form of proposed changes to the county’s Comprehensive Growth Management Plan. If you want to help defend this essential element of the “Martin County difference” please consider showing your support at one or both of the following meetings … Click here to read more

View Martin County’s Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) updates/changes

The evaluation and appraisal process is designed to address any changes in state requirements since the last update of Martin County’s comprehensive plan, and to update the plan based on changes in State Statutes and local conditions. At least every seven years, pursuant to Rule Chapter 73C-49, Florida Administrative Code, Martin County must determine whether the need exists to amend the comprehensive plan … Click here to read more