ACTION ALERT AUGUST 29: Please exercise your right to vote in Tuesday’s election

From airport watchdog David Shore: “You decide on whether or not to approve a 1% increase in the sales tax in Martin County. Instead of 6% the sales tax will be 7%. It only takes a few minutes to vote so please take the time to vote. A lot of folks don’t realize that this increase will translate into a substantial increase in your yearly expenses … Click here to read more

Controlling airport expansion at Martin County’s Witham Field

From airport watchdog David Shore: “The following article should be of interest to those that want to control expansion at Witham Field. Please pay particular attention to how the town of East Hampton has generated funding for their airport. Every funding source they used is available to Martin County’s Witham Field. … Click here to read more

Say NO now to unnecessary customs facility or ruin Martin’s community-friendly airport

In a recent letter to Witham Field Airport Manager George Stokus and Martin County Commissioners, David Shore of the airport watchdog group Witham Airport Action Majority, warned of the unwanted and unneeded customs facility that will forever change Martin’s community-friendly airport … Click here to read more

Witham Field at a crossroads: ‘Our airport is on a path from which this community will not recover’

The President of The Witham Airport Action Majority, David Shore, provides a timely update on the proposed customs facility at Martin County’s community airport: “We will soon be asked to approve another major expansion project, which puts our airport on a path from which this community will not recover.” Shore urges residents to contact our county commissioners immediately. … Click here to read more

Witham Airport Action Majority Alert: WAAM President urges residents to respond immediately

David Shore, President of the Witham Airport Action Majority (WAAM), explains that “whenever we have new commissioners elected and about to be seated, the airport special interests get ramped up and we see a flurry of attempts to get long term leases approved at the airport…At this late date it is always difficult to rally the troops which is why in my opinion we get such late notices, but you can help out and email the BCC to register your opposition…” … Click here to read more

A coalition of concerned citizens, 100% volunteer: Witham Airport Action Majority informs on issues, endorses candidates

President David Shore and Board of Directors of the Witham Airport Action Majority (WAAM) lead a coalition of concerned citizens, 100% volunteer, dedicated to keeping WItham Field a community-friendly general aviation airport. Over 2,000 Martin County residents look to WAAM’s guidance for current information and action regarding both airport and local issues; membership is open to the public. … Click here to read more

Free sign up for Florida Do Not Call list

Civic activist and Witham Airport Action Majority leader David Shore recommends a worthwhile website, especially during the political season: a free subscription to the FLORIDA DO NOT CALL LIST for residential and cell phones. … Click here to read more

WAAM President urges immediate public comment before tomorrow’s vote on airport customs facility

David Shore, President of the Witham Airport Action Majority (WAAM) states, “”The Witham Airport customs issue will come before the Board of County Commissioners this coming Tuesday – September 27 at 1:30 pm. That is tomorrow! According to the latest report by airport staff, it will cost the taxpayers somewhere in the neighborhood of $625 thousand dollars to move forward on building a customs facility at Witham Field. Decreased property values for communities within a 5 mile radius of the airport can be substantial. Many residents are not aware that a 5 mile radius includes the City of Stuart, Palm City, the Town of Sewall’s Point and Jensen Beach. As traffic increases at the airport, the 5 mile radius increases so if you are not bothered by the airport now, you can expect that to change in the future if the airport continues to grow.” … Click here to read more