Tuesday’s BCC: ‘A welcome return to what will likely be more orderly meetings…’

From Ginny Sherlock, renowned local attorney, civic activist, and former Associated Press editor: “The new chair of the Martin County Board of County Commissioners has brought pre-sets back to meeting agendas, scheduling items for specific times to allow interested members of the public a better opportunity to participate.  Four items on Tuesday’s agenda have been assigned a specific time to be heard in a welcome return … Click here to read more

Comp Plan Amendments on Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners’ Agenda

From Ginny Sherlock, renowned local attorney, civic activist, and former Associated Press editor: “Tuesday’s BOCC meeting agenda features a dozen Comp Plan amendments that were previously approved and concurrent re-zoning applications for most of the properties … A 9:15 a.m. pre-set is scheduled to discuss proposed amendments to an agreement with the Town of Jupiter Island regarding the beach sand … Click here to read more

Workshops and Consent Agenda Creep in Tuesday’s Board of County Commission meeting

“When commissioners warn residents of impending disaster due to financial inability to repair or replace failing infrastructure, shouldn’t that warning be accompanied by an explanation of why $46 million is being held in a rainy day fund while taxpayers are being soaked?” Civic activist and renowned local attorney Virginia Sherlock poses that question and several others regarding Tuesday’s BOCC meeting … Click here to read more

Decisions, decisions, decisions: Contact BOCC re Tuesday’s critical Consent Agenda items

Thanks to local attorney and civic activist Virginia Sherlock for her summary of upcoming critical items on Tuesday’s County Commission Consent Agenda; Sherlock urges residents to contact commissioners as soon as possible … Click here to read more

Letter’s focus is Tuesday’s consent agenda hocus-pocus by Martin County Commissioners

Stuart attorney and civic leader Virginia Sherlock’s letter to the Martin County Commission concisely targets several items of concern to all residents and taxpayers on Tuesday’s consent agenda. … Click here to read more

Martin Commission’s first meeting of 2012: new year, old tricks

Local attorney Virginia Sherlock points out that public discussion and taxpayer money are increasingly not on the agenda for the Board of County Commissioners first meeting of 2012, this Tuesday, January 10. … Click here to read more