Carl Hiaasen: Taken for a ride on the Boondoggle Express aka ‘All Appalled Florida’

“All passenger trains in this country operate deep in the red, and couldn’t exist without heavy government subsidies. AAF wants Floridians to believe that it will be the sole exception, magically turning a profit where all others have failed. In the parlance of the business world, this is known variously as ‘a crock,’ or a ‘steaming crock.’ … Click here to read more

Carl Hiaasen: Gov Rick Scott’s inaugural message – ‘Hey, America, all of you c’mon down’

“’I have a message today to the people of New York, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania and others: Move to Florida!’ Such was the sunny welcome put forth by Gov. Rick Scott at his second inaugural last week in Tallahassee. For Hiaasen’s commentary in The Miami Herald … Click here to read more

Miami Herald (Carl Hiaasen): ‘Florida taxpayers about to be railroaded’

Noted author, journalist, and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen adds his opinions on All Aboard Florida: “… Leaving aside the fact that you can inexpensively drive from downtown Miami to the Orlando airport in about the same time (or fly commercially in only 42 minutes), the project grandly known as All Aboard Florida raises other elementary questions. … Click here to read more

Carl Hiaasen on Big Sugar, Lake O, and politicos: Clueless to crisis in our environment

Renowned columnist and author, Vero Beach resident Carl Hiaasen comments on the Treasure Coast’s environmental crisis: “Governor Clueless showed up the other day for a photo-op at the St. Lucie Lock and Dam. The governor’s low-voltage response to the crisis is to blame the feds and spend a few minutes up on a dam.” … Click here to read more

Carl Hiaasen: Once again, Florida’s the national punchline

Noted author, journalist, and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen shares his views on Florida’s election reputation … Click here to read more

What books are found in Treasure Coast author/columnist Carl Hiaasen’s library?

The New York Post tells us: Only in Florida — and in the fiction of its native son Carl Hiaasen — does a dead iguana fall from a palm tree and kill somebody. “True story,” swears Hiaasen, whose new YA novel, “Chomp,” opens just that way. “We had a big freeze, and all these iguanas were falling out of trees. I thought, some day I’ll use this.” … Click here to read more

Author/columnist Carl Hiaasen on Florida: ‘citrus, handguns and special interest knuckleheads’

If you missed noted author and columnist Carl Hiaasen’s special appearance at the Everglades Coalition Conference this past weekend in Stuart, here’s another chance to see him in action. … Click here to read more

27th annual Everglades Coalition Conference to be held at Hutchinson Island Marriott, Jan 5-8

The 2012 Everglades Coalition Conference will be held this year in Stuart, at the Hutchinson Island Marriott, 555 NE Ocean Boulevard – a Florida Green Lodging Palm 1 certified property. The conference is the largest annual forum for Everglades restoration and conservation. This year’s conference will increase focus on restoration’s dual benefits for the economy and the environment. … Click here to read more